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60th Anniversary Toolkit


The purpose of this document is to support VIEW Clubs with the organisation and implementation of 60th Anniversary celebrations. The tool kit aims to provide information to club members to assist in making their local event simple, yet exciting for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations throughout 2020!

Current NC or Advisor or other person organising 60th Gala Event


These events are to celebrate 60 years of the Strength and Support VIEW Clubs have provided to The Smith Family. It is an event which members will not want to miss and getting your invitations out early will ensure your members have enough time to RSVP and advise the organiser of any  food allergies.   

Planning early will allow ample time to organise and execute a flawless event!

Planning Guide

Develop an event budget

An estimate of the projected cost of the event is helpful when planning. We have provided a VIEW event budget document if you choose to use it.

It is important that all sources of income (meals, merchandise, raffle tickets, sponsorship, etc.) and all costs (venue hire, meals, guests' meal, Audio/Visual, decorations, printing, etc.) are accounted for.



Invitations are always nice to receive for an event, especially an occasion as special as this. Some invitation templates have been provided for you to use.     They are able to be accessed in Microsoft Word, making it easy to insert detailed information about the event and then distributed to members. Using these templates can help save on time too.


Celebrating the 60th Anniversary is a great opportunity to invite a number of people from your local community. It is also the perfect opportunity to promote VIEW Club not only to friends and family, but to other local clubs and prominent Community members.

Some examples include, but are not limited to:

  • The Smith Family Staff - Partner School representative or Tertiary Student
  • Local MP’s - State and Federal
  • Mayor
  • Local businesses
  • Women in community or other
  • Service clubs such as:
    o   CWA
    o   Rotary
    o   Probus
    o   Zonta


Sample 1           Sample 2

Sample 3           Sample 4


There is no better time than now to bring out those diamonds (or diamantes) and let them shine! Some theme suggestions for the event could be:

  • Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend
  • VIEW Club in the 60’s (what might have been worn) could be fun
  • Wear something from the 60’s




Some suggestions are:

-          Local talent/school choir or band

-          60’s Tribute performers, etc   

1960s Interesting facts, fashion and information

We have attached three documents with some information around 1960s which you might find useful to enhance your day


Table decorations for a diamond jubilee theme could evoke the imagery and symbolism of diamonds or the 1960s…

  • Glitz and glamour, is easy to create, spread some rhinestones on tables to give that sparkly effect
  • Silver tinsel in a clear bowl or vase
  • A small string of rhinestones around the bottom of a wine or champagne glass
  • Members could bring their own tea cup from the 60’s or something they treasure to place on the table
  • Etc.


A short video (approx. 5-10mins) “VIEW clubs through the decades” will be provided to National Councillors or Advisors to show on the day of your Area 60th Gala event.



If you require any extra help or support with this tool kit, or have any questions regarding the organisation and execution of your event, please do not hesitate to contact:

Emma Robinson

Mobile:  0400 336 146

Email: emma.robinson@thesmithfamily.com.au

Emma is more than happy to help where she can and provide information and ideas regarding your event.