A valued part of The Smith Family

Lugarno VIEW Club


Lugarno VIEW Club was formed in 1972. 

Currently, the Club sponsors five Smith Family Learning for Life students and is actively involved in fundraising activities to raise donations for The Smith Family programs.

We are always open to new members, so please get in touch today and come and see what it's all about.


  • Meeting Day on 3rd Tuesday of the month
  • at 11am
  • at Lantern Club


Val - 0407 120 777

 Email: lugarno.viewclub@gmail.com


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21 Roselands Avenue, ROSELANDS, NSW 2196

Club News

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2022 Lugarno VIEW Club Committee

Left to right: Val Colyer (President); Helen Taylor (Vice President); Madge Doust (Secretary), Edith Chapman (Asst. Secretary) Julie Colman (Asst. Treasurer); Lynn Forrest (Program Officer), Liz Seymour (Program Officer 2) and Elizabeth Terry (ND02 Zone Councillor )  Missing is Ellen Gray (Treasurer)


2022 October

Dr Fred Lomas speaking on "Affairs of the Heart" at Lugarno lunch meeting on 18th October 2022


 Dr Fred with powerpoint presentation

 Dr Fred with President Val Colyer


50th Birthday Celebations

Our special birthday cake - made by Jenny Smith and decorated by Lorna Sonnerdale


Making a Difference Award . David Coleman,MP, Jenny Smith (recipient) Val Colyer (president)


Committee members working hard! Ellen Gray, Julie Colman, Liz Seymour, Lorna Sonnerdale


Our lovely oldest member. Vicki Graham (94)

 Brigett Davis and Kerin Wood



2022 August 

Lugarno VIEW Club celebrated their 50th birthday (and The Smith Family 100th birthday) on Tuesday 16th August 2022. 

We had 80 guests and our theme was "the 1920's". 


 Lugarno Committee: [l-r]  Ellen Gray, Madge Doust, Julie Colman, Val Colyer (President), Helen Taylor, Edith Chapman, Lynn Forrest, Lorna Sonnerdale, Liz Seymou

Past Presidents of Lugarno VIEW Club - left to right: Pam Collins, Jan Frape, Jenny Smith, Val Colyer, Helen Taylor, Adele Persi


 Members receiving their decade pins - left to right. Anna Cooper, Helen Moenting, Pam Collins, Madge Doust, Edith Chapman, Kerin Wood, Leanna McMullen,  Liz Terry (ND02 Zone Councillor)


Certificate of Appreciation Presented by David Coleman MP -
left to right. Sonia Fenton, Pam Collins, David Coleman, Val Colyer (President), Anna Cooper, Kerrie Hansell

Above Cheryl Bellizzi and Karen Stacey. Below Marcia Taylor


2022 February Meeting

 Members having a good time.

National and Regional News

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Lugarno VIEW Club

VIEW National Online Raffle 2022 - Winners Announced

VIEW Clubs Online Raffle celebrating The Smith Family’s Centenary 2022 - Winners Announced

Lugarno VIEW Club

Toy&Book Appeal

The Smith Family’s Toy & Book Appeal is your opportunity to help bring a smile to the faces of Australian children at Christmas. Children who may otherwise miss out on opening a gift, simply because their families can’t afford it.

Lugarno VIEW Club

VIEW Merchandise Christmas Sale 2022

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Events Calendar

We have some great events coming up, take a look at the calendar and get involved!

Mar 8

International Women's Day 2023

International Women's Day celebrations are happening around the country at your local VIEW club.

Sep 8

VIEW National Convention 2023

We are pleased to announce the 56th VIEW National Convention will be held in Hobart, TAS from 8-10 September 2023.