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Tamworth Evening VIEW Club


Tamworth Evening VIEW Club was formed in 1978.

Currently, the Club sponsors four Smith Family Learning for Life students and is actively involved in fundraising activities to raise donations for The Smith Family programs.

We are always open to new members, so please get in touch today and come and see what it's all about.


  • Meeting Day on 2nd Tuesday of the month
  • at The Longyard Golf Club – Longyard Drive, Tamworth 
  • at 7.00 pm


Publicity Officer - Kathy Challinor 

Mobile - 0428 290 952

Email:  kathypeter73@bigpond.com



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The Longyard Golf Club, Longyard Drive, TAMWORTH, NSW 2340

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2018 October

Tamworth Evening VIEW Club’s 2018 Trivia Night

On Tuesday 16th October, TEVC hosted its second Trivia Night and 20 TEVC members, 8 Tamworth Peel Evening VIEW club members and 41 friends of TEVC attended, to help make it another entertaining night.

There were eight rounds of questions, many of which the participants thought were too hard, (and of course they were fined), three individual quizzes, two unseen auctions and three lucky seats along with 5 fabulous raffle prizes to be won on the night. Of course the winning and losing tables also took home prizes of wine and chocolates.

Nibbles were provided half way through the evening and there was some hot bidding on the unseen auctions. Participants were very generous throughout the night by buying raffle tickets, bidding on the auctions and happily paying their fines, all for a good cause, our sponsored students.

There was some fierce competition throughout the night when the losing team by 1 point last year, had their heads down hoping to win this year and could be heard arguing with the MC regarding the answers. This of course led to their being fined. However they were the winners on the night and received a round of applause for their win.

It was great to see a range of ages and abilities at the Trivia Night and the committee worked hard to ensure that it ran smoothly and was able to be enjoyed by all who attended.

A wonderful fund raiser yet again for Tamworth Evening VIEW Club as can be seen by the attached photos.

Kathy Challinor, Publicity Officer






2018 September


Sixteen TEVC members, one Tamworth Day member, two guests and our National Councillor attended the Drinks and Nibbles Spring Fashion Parade hosted by Blue Illusions on Thursday 13th September 2018 to raise money for The Smith Family’s Learning for Life Program, with 15% of all post parade sales going to this worthy cause.

Three of TEVC members, Tanya Ball, Julie Head and Heather Frankle modelled the clothing whilst Ann gave a running commentary on the beautiful spring outfits and accessories being modelled. Linen is very fashionable this year and the models showed these off with flair.

Felicity, Vicki and Ann from Blue Illusions once again provided and served the Drinks and Nibbles and were then kept very busy helping members to choose purchases after the parade.

Ann and Felicity demonstrated how the beautiful scarves which accessorised most of the outfits, could be worn in a range of different styles to suit the wearer. They also demonstrated the new body oil products available from Blue Illusions.






2018 August - 40th Birthday

On Tuesday evening 14th August, Tamworth Evening VIEW Club (TEVC) celebrated its 40th Birthday in style at The Mill – Tamworth Longyard Golf Club. The theme was Ruby Glitz and Glamour and looking out over the room during the night there was a sea of red along with a lot of bling.

Fifty TEVC members attended as well as six from both the Tamworth Peel Evening and Tamworth Day VIEW clubs, National Councillor Beryl Pike and Zone Councillor Sally Cronberger and nine other members’ guests. Vice President of Tuggeranong VIEW Club, TEVC’s sister club, Sandi Doherty also attended.

All past Presidents were invited to attend, however Donna Harrow was the only one who was able to make it on the night. Inaugural President Pat Smith was asked to cut the 3 tiered red velvet cake, which was made by the previous catering manager of The Mill.

Musical entertainment was provided by Assistant Secretary Ellen Mackie- Gulliver’s husband David, who played two sets of old songs and songs that were popular 40 years ago and those present sang along and enjoyed reminiscing. Ellen also made the beautiful table decorations, which were offered for sale at the end of the night with the money going towards supporting our Learning for Life Students.

President Merilyn and Program Officer Lois, made Rocky Road from a recipe used by our late member Joan Hausfield OAM, and these were nicely wrapped and placed on the table as gifts for attendees.

Assistant Treasurer, Tanya Ball made up a board of different items that were relevant to 1978, such as only $1.20 for VIEW membership fees, Malcolm Fraser being the then Prime Minister and played some of the songs that were top hits during that year, inviting guests to identify the singer/s.

Guest speaker for the evening was Jane Kibble, Principal of a local small school, who entertained the members and guests with how she became a teacher and tales of ‘what kids say and do’ and the importance of keeping ‘mum’ about most of it. Jane also thanked VIEW for the wonderful work that they do in terms of supporting financially disadvantaged students and how it is so true that education is the way out of poverty. Past National Councillor Barbara Hyslop thanked Jane for her wonderful presentation.

During the evening member Kerrie Leitch and Program Officer Aletia were thanked for the beautiful new banner that they recently made which replaced the well utilised old one.

National Councillor Beryl Pike presented five TEVC members with their 40-year badges. These were Glenda Noble, Judy Gilroy, Justine Kennedy, Myra Langner and Julie McNamara while Pat Smith received her 50-year badge.

All-in-all it was a fabulous night of reminiscing, laughter, chatter, singing and fun which pretty much sums up what VIEW is about, whilst raising funds for an important cause.

Kathy Challinor Publicity Officer



2018 Area NI01 Gala/Conference Day

Tamworth Power House – Tamworth

The Area NI01 Gala/Conference Day was held on Saturday 30th June at The Power House in Tamworth. As members from Moree Narrabri Glen Innes Inverell Coonabarabran Gunnedah Manilla and Tamworth arrived, they were treated to a delicious morning tea made by Tamworth members.

The morning was opened by National Counsellor Beryl Pike, who welcomed the National Vice President Annette Schlafrig and 100 members and guests to the day. Aunty Yvonne gave the Welcome to Country and then National VP Annette Schlafrig from Melbourne, updated the members with an overview of where VIEW clubs are nationally. She spoke about the number of students being sponsored by the VIEW Clubs, and how the vital partnership between The Smith Family and VIEW has enabled financially disadvantaged students in Australia obtain an education, with many going on to Tertiary studies. She also encouraged those present to take on the role of educating other organisations on what VIEW is and what it does and that there are training days and packages available to assist those willing to take on this role.

Zone Councillor Sally Cronberger then addressed the audience regarding the importance of the resolutions that are put up from clubs across Australia with the final ones selected going to National Convention for voting. Sally outlined some of the past resolutions that were accepted at Convention and were taken to and supported by the Federal Government and put in place. She encouraged all clubs to put forward resolutions but also reminded them to debate them at club level first to determine if they would then be put up at National Convention.





National Councillor Beryl then invited the clubs present to provide a report on the previous 12 months. All clubs present gave an overview of their outstanding works over the past 12 months and the two clubs absent sent a report which was read by ZC Sally.

NC Beryl then gave her report on Area NI01 which currently sponsors 34 students. The clubs range in size from 70 (Tamworth Evening VIEW) to 12 (Werris Creek) who collectively raised over $52,000 last year. Beryl pointed out the The Smith Family Joy Spreader gifts which have been very popular this year and encouraged clubs to continue to purchase them for students. 

Shelly and Laurie Minson took the floor and entertained those present with a bracket of songs from the 50s. Together their singing was so good that they made it difficult for the audience not to join in singing.

Fiona Brierley from The Smith Family thanked the members of VIEW for all their hard work and sponsorship and noted that this zone provided $56,000 in sponsorship funding last year. She talked about the changes being implemented this year which enables more kids being able to be helped and giving the remote children a better experience as well as more follow up. Some of the programs are offering students entrepreneurial skills which helps them to obtain employment on school completion.

Following lunch, guest speaker Fiona Ferguson Editor of the Northern Daily Leader, took the audience on her journey as she went from not knowing in year 11 what to do with her future, to ending up in over 20 years later as Editor of the Tamworth Newspaper. 



She shared her experiences of doing work experience at 4BK for 12 months starting at 4.30 am and working till noon every day without pay, but gaining what she described as invaluable experience. This resulted in her working for Prime Television from the top of Queensland to Regional NSW where she had to do everything, including the weather, which today she says she still does not understand. 

With the changes in the media and the regional television stations aligning with the major cities, she applied for and got the job as Editor of the NDL in 2016. Four months later she developed breast cancer, resulting in the need for chemotherapy and radiation, throughout which she continued to work which she said was good for her mental health.

She said that all her colleagues were also extremely helpful during this time. As the newspapers undergo change into a new era, Fiona stated that the NDL needed to be people focussed and that without the community, there is no paper.

Beryl invited those clubs present who had prepared a skit to come forward and for the next hour the audience was regaled with fabulous performances from poetry and doctor’s surgery skits, to The Mature Woman’s Nightmare – Buying Swimmers, which had the audience in fits of laughter when mature Marie tried on swimmers that were designed for the 12 year old girl carved out of a potato chip.

All in all it was a great day of making new friends, sharing common goals and having fun.








2018 Annual Musical Afternoon

Tamworth Evening VIEW Club hosted their 7th successful Musical afternoon on Saturday June 23, and proved to be the most financially successful one to date.

This year’s event was Celtic themed, and VIEW club members and the public were invited to dress accordingly which many did, and this added to the great atmosphere.

The partnership with SING Australia Tamworth branch, again worked well and drew around 200 people to the Community Centre to enjoy an afternoon of wonderful entertainment.

Along with SING Australia, The Southside Uniting Church Men’s Choir entertained with some lively Celtic songs which saw the audience on many occasions join in.

Peter and Heather Bowden, who have a passion for both music and bagpipes, took the audience through the Highlands and the Islands of Scotland via a slide show as they played some beautiful old songs with both the men’s choir and SING Australia joining in for some of their songs.

After the usual delicious afternoon tea supplied by the TEVC members, the audience was given a taste of the up and coming talents of the young Children’s Musical Theatre Group from the local Conservatorium of Music. This was followed by the Peel Ukulele Players and Singers (PUPS) group, who entertained the audience with a special Celtic performance.

The afternoon went overtime because of the wonderful entertainment provided by the talented people of Tamworth, but nobody was to be in a rush to leave the venue.

There were 3 great raffles and 4 lucky seat prizes all donated by the committee and members of TEVC which contributed greatly to the money raised on the day.

Both TEVC and SING Australia are already planning the 2019 Musical Afternoon as it is so well supported by the local community and is a wonderful fundraiser for The Smith Family’s Learning for Life Program.




2018 May


Twenty one TEVC members and 3 guests attended the Drinks and Nibbles Fashion Parade hosted by Blue Illusions on Thursday 3rd May 2018 to raise money for The Smith Family’s Learning for Life Program, with 15% of all sales going to the cause.

Three of TEVC members, Tanya Ball, Jillian Whiteman and Heather Frankle modelled the clothing whilst Ann gave a running commentary on the outfit and accessories being modelled.

Felicity, Vicki and Ann from Blue Illusions provided the Drinks and Nibbles then were kept very busy helping members to choose purchases after the parade.

Felicity showed the members in attendance different ways to wear a scarf to enhance the outfits being worn.

The evening was well supported by members and their guests and the change rooms were 3 a piece after the event trying on potential purchases.



2018 Special Morning Tea

Tamworth Evening VIEW Club held a morning tea at President Merilyn’s home on Wednesday 11th April, to thank the members for their ongoing fundraising and financial support of the club throughout the year, in order to assist The Smith Family’s Learning for Life Program.

The weather was perfect for a cuppa, scone and chat on the balcony overlooking the Longyard Golf Course and 36 members, including two new members, attended.

Baker’s Delight Tamworth Square, donated the scones for the morning tea and all who attended were very appreciative of their generosity.

A special birthday cake was produced to celebrate Beryl Bird’s 94th birthday among friends. It was also the 32nd anniversary of Beryl’s membership of Tamworth Evening View Club (TEVC).

There was so much chatter during the morning, which made for confirming friendships established through VIEW and making new friends.



Tamworth Evening VIEW Club 39th Birthday Dinner Meeting 8 August 2017 


TEVC celebrated its 39th Birthday at The Mill Tamworth Longyard Golf Club on Tuesday August 8th keeping with the theme  Masquerade - by wearing their wonderful and varied masks.

Program Officer Merilyn and Assistant Treasurer Aletia made the beautiful table decorations and Aletia also made the Birthday Cake which was shared among those present.

There were 50 ladies in attendance. 45 from the TEVC, 2 from Tamworth Peel Evening VIEW and 1 from sister club Tuggeranong, along with National Counsellor Barbara Hyslop, Zone Counsellor Beryl Pike, Smith Family's Cindy Pearce (guest speaker) and two members guests.

The  photos tell the story of the fun evening.




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Tamworth Evening VIEW Club

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2018 Area NM Gala

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Tamworth Evening VIEW Club

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