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Ulladulla Evening VIEW Club


Ulladulla Evening VIEW Club was formed in 1990.
We are a group of thirty women who meet at 6 pm for 6.30 pm every second Wednesday evening of the month at the Dunn Lewis Centre in St Vincents Street, Ulladulla.  Our meetings include a delicious meal, interesting local and national speakers, as well as occasional creative evenings. We also meet for coffee, cake and a chat every month at 10am on the last Saturday of the month at a different local coffee shop.  Please contact us and come and join our group.

Currently, the Club sponsors two Smith Family Learning for Life students and is actively involved in fundraising activities to raise donations for The Smith Family programs.

We are always open to new members, so please get in touch today and come and see what it's all about.


  • Meeting Day on 2nd Wednesday of the month; 
  • At The Dunn Lewis Centre


Email:  ulladullaeveningview@gmail.com


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141 St Vincent Street, ULLADULLA, NSW 2539

Club News

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2019 Committee 


Ulladulla Evening VIEW Club new committee for 2019 enjoyed a relaxed dinner meeting catching up with members and friends after the hectic summer break.

Committee was unchanged from last year with Monica Morrison continuing as president, Helen Wilford as Delegate, Sue McMahon as Secretary, Sue Hancock as Treasurer and Marilyn Townsend as Publicity Officer. Enid Everingham, past Zone Councillor, chaired the proceedings and installed each member, returning their position title badges.

The new committee are keen to offer lots of varied activities and speakers this year and are excited about the coming events.


Happy Christmas for VIEW members

Following a lovely dinner at the last meeting for 2019, some of the ladies reminisced over their Christmas memories. Howls of laughter rocked the room when one lady spoke of her younger days and her prowess in the geese cooking department, falling asleep and waking to a smoke filled kitchen and very tiny charcoaled birds. Special memories were described of a dearly loved dolly in a stroller and white Christmases in London, a Ski Chalet in Norway and a baby sister born on Christmas Day. Many entertaining stories were told of continuing family traditions with huge dinners including all the trimmings and then one Christmas in ‘No Man’s Land’ eating Spam and drinking beer. Occasional disasters happen any day, but worse when the doctor is having Christmas dinner. As children, one member had her foot stitched after jumping into a pond and landing on a smashed bottle, another almost walked on water when a water snake took a bite of her leg in a pond. Dressing up for church and sewing special Christmas Moo-Moo dresses for the girls bought back memories of fashions past. Christmas Church services and the wonderful Live Nativity scene complete with donkey bought our thoughts back to the reason for Christmas and the goodwill that we can share. Merry Christmas to all. 


Coffee and Scones at VIEW

The last Meet and Greet for Ulladulla Evening VIEW Club this year, was held at Cupitts Winery enjoying the wonderful view across the vines to the mountains and some of us bought up the lovely fresh produce at the Farmers Market. It was a great catch up full of laughs, fun and conversation.

The coffee and fresh scones, jam and cream were a big success while we enjoyed the company and friendship. Many members are heading off on holidays and family visits and others are relaxing and partying in this wonderful town we can call home. We wish you all a very enjoyable and safe Christmas and holiday season.  

October 2019

Our updated club ‘Power Point’ presentation was shown during the October Dinner Meeting displaying over 160 photos from the last 29 years, historical and current. Historic photos from our first birthday in 1991 were followed by images of long term members in their younger days at events that included dancing, BBQ’s fashion parades and plenty of fun, with some dress ups thrown in for good measure, along with interesting and entertaining speakers. This was followed by photos at the launch of our club book: ‘A VIEW from the Heart’ which is filled with recollections and stories from members and locals and has been a wonderful fundraiser. Year by year followed with images from VIEW Conferences, more interesting speakers, monthly morning tea ‘Meet & Greet’s, plus, welcomed new members and individual and club birthday events.

New members Judi and Elsie who have been firm friends since moving to live next door to each other many years ago gave a short insight into their lives and we were privileged to be part of their recollections and we thank them for sharing with us.


Great VIEW for Morning Get Together

Ulladulla Evening VIEW members caught up at the Café in the Civic Centre Ulladulla for our October Meet & Greet. Janelle managed to get a great ‘selfie’ shot to include everyone. Well done.

An enjoyable morning was had by all, with in-depth conversation and plenty of laughter to add to a great selection of food and drinks, while admiring our wonderful harbour view.




Ceramic artist in September

Coming from a hugely successful opening of her recent ceramics exhibition ‘Brave Front’ at ‘The Wall’ in the Eastside Mall, Ulladulla, Nadja Burke described the inspiration for many of her amazing sculptures. Her very emotional and recent body of work is inspired by letters by her grandfather from the Russian front in 1945.

Nadja admitted that she ‘Never takes the easy path, always steering toward a challenge’ and consequently, sometimes deals with failure to achieve success.

Among many other galleries, locals and visitors may have seen Nadja’s sculptures at Artfest venues, Petana Gardens, Stanthorpe, Bowral, Townsville, Bermagui, Shoalhaven City Gallery, and ‘The Wall’ in Ulladulla.

Constantly upgrading her skills, Nadja has completed workshops in China and another recently in Tasmania. She is always learning and experiencing new influences for the next stage in her amazingly creative life. 

Photo above: Ceramic artist Nadja Burke

Annabel’s for our September Get Together

There was fabulous food, great service and good coffee at Annabel’s for Ulladulla Evening VIEW members’ end of the month Meet & Greet. Comfortable, spacious surrounds with lovely artwork adorning the walls from local artists made for a very enjoyable get together and a great place for a good old chat with friends.

Laughing Loudly at August Meet & Greet!

Fifteen Ulladulla Evening VIEW club members caught up at the August Meet & Greet at Brown Sugar, Milton. Great coffee, delicious cakes, scones, muffins, biscuits and brunches were had by all. Congregating in the back room we were able to spread out, laugh loudly and make as much noise as we liked. What a great venue for our monthly Meet and Greet!



Recognition in July 

Dedicated Long Term Members Enid Everingham and Merridee de Jong received their 20 year and 10 Year badges respectively. Congratulations to both women for their dedication and support.


 Photo's above L-R: President, Monica presenting Enid(20 years) and Merridee de Jong (10 years)



 Photo's above L-R: New Member's Robyn Robson feels that our club is ‘Just what she was looking for’, and Judi Powe


Teaching in Tanzania

Ulladulla evening VIEW club members were privileged to meet such an amazing, compassionate and caring family, dedicating their lives to the ministry in far off lands. Martha Boye and her youngest daughter, Matilda, spoke about their experiences during the 5 years they spent in Tanzania. Martha and her husband Geoff studied Theology at Sydney Missionary and Bible College. They and their three children, Kara, Micah and Matilda, lived in Arusha, Northern Tanzania, close to the Serengeti with Africa’s tallest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro as a backdrop. Along with ministering to Tanzanians and training padres, Martha taught English and sewing to the women. With no power available, they used ancient treadle machines.

In 2018, 59 million people inhabited Tanzania, 80% living in rural areas. There’s very little transport and they walk everywhere. They have one of the highest birth rates in the world of 5 children per woman. There’s only one doctor available for 50,000 residents and malaria and HIV are primary causes of death. Clean drinking water isn’t readily available and much time is spent collecting and carrying water.

The photos and videos Martha displayed of the joyous nature of the Tanzanians and the happy, singing and jumping Maasai draped in fabulous colourful fabric and bead wear were enlightening and in contrast to the difficulties of everyday life in Tanzania. Music, singing in harmonious chorus and dancing play an important part in the culture and is widely practiced in the community.

                                                      Photo above: Martha and Matilda Boye

June brings an Angel to VIEW

Ulladulla Evening VIEW were thrilled to have a wonderful speaker in John Gillet, an interesting man and ‘Angel Flight’ pilot at our June meeting. On retirement from the police force as a detective, moving to Moruya, John donated his time and aeroplane service to the ‘Angel Flight’ organisation, transferring people in need to medical and compassionate destinations. Established in Australia in 2003 ‘Angel Flight’ charity assists country people to access specialist medical treatment that would otherwise be unavailable to them because of vast distance and high travel costs. During his volunteer pilot missions, John managed to complete 70 flights for the ‘Angel Flight’ charity organisation. A couple of years ago he sold his aeroplane and now is the proud owner of a land based flying machine, a Ford Mustang!

Photo above: ‘Angel Flight’ pilot John Gillet with Secretary Sue

Another catch up for Ulladulla Evening VIEW Club

Members took advantage of the great June weather and the view to meet for our monthly morning tea/coffee at the Sandbar Café, at the Civic Centre, Ulladulla. As always the view of the harbour on a lovely sunny day is something we enjoy and reflect on how fortunate we are to live in this wonderful town.




Conjola Boardwalk in July

Following our July Meet & Greet many of us took a walk along the new Conjola Entrance Boardwalk. It was a beautiful warm winter’s day and the views from the platforms were magnificent. It was a lovely way to end our morning catch up and everyone went home smiling.




Bears, Boswellia, Berbers and Baroque In July.

Ulladulla Evening VIEW members were enthralled by Judy Johnston’s exceptionally interesting presentation of her adventures in far off lands, depicting all the cultures, colours, nature, architecture, clothing and events she has experienced over the last 12 months. Judy saw dozens of Polar bears and their cubs from Tundra Buggies in Churchill, Canada and from Quarzazate, Morocco rode a camel into the sunset in the Sahara desert dressed in full headdress and djellaba while bravely staying in a desert tent with curtains for doors! From Oman on the Arabian Peninsula, Judy bought along Frankincense oil, soap and granules for us to smell and described how the resinous sap is collected from the Boswellia Sacra tree and has been traded there for over 6000 years. Judy was interested in the Berber people and culture and enjoyed her time with the locals seeing the traditional crafts, weaving, dying, metalwork, carpets, fabric and leather shoes, and tasting the food tajine and spices. One of Judy’s favourite towns in Sicily is Ispica. She showed us images of the unique Sicilian Baroque architectural style predominant in the area evolving in the 17th and 18th centuries. It came to fruition after a massive earthquake in 1693 destroyed the area and whole cities had to be re-built. UNESCO has protected the Baroque towns in this area collective known as the Val di Noto. We felt very privileged to have Judy take the time out to speak at our club about her incredibly adventurous life. 

Photo above shows Judy Johnston and photo below is Judy riding a camel


Huge roll up at July Brunch Meet & Greet

What a great morning Ulladulla Evening VIEW Club had. An unexpected 19 members and friends turned up for Brunch/morning tea at Tilly & Mo on the Entrance Road at Conjola. The best roll up so far for our small friendly club. 




New members at Ulladulla Evening VIEW

Our club was thrilled to have another two new members join us at the May meeting.

Pictured Opposite:  We happily welcome Bonita Frank and are pleased to welcome back to our Club, previous member, Sue Pender. We hope they enjoy the fun and friendship with our ladies.


Who Knew Who at VIEW?

The May meeting had Persephone Mountbatten, organising a getting to know us quiz. Persephone happened to be closely related to our Secretary, Sue, and had us all well entertained.

The easy part of the quiz was choosing our favourite colours, names, movies, books, charities, places and holidays to name a few. The harder part was matching those choices with one of our members when the quiz papers were shuffled!

Surprisingly, we managed to guess and question our way to success while having some fun and cake.


Glorious weather for our May 2019 ,Meet & Greet

The Ulladulla Evening VIEW Club May Meet & Greet morning was held at Breakers Café Mollymook this month and 15 of our members and friends caught up for a long chat, cuppa and eats.

Unusually warm weather had the air con turned up a notch as the sun beamed in the windows. We were spoilt for choice as the cabinets were overloaded with cakes, slices, muffins, friands and biscuits. Something for everyone.

The walls were decorated with beautiful flower paintings and some seascapes by Di Crisp making our outing even more entertaining as we viewed the artworks.


Staying Active on your Feet  

One of Ulladulla Evening VIEW Club newest members, Joanne treated us to some interesting tips to stay fit and healthy, including some simple exercises to keep us strong. She had us out of our chairs practicing the ‘moves’. Joanne is highly qualified in her physiotherapy field, spending 42 years assisting others. No doubt, many in our community have benefited from her expertise, working 29 years at Milton Hospital. She has worked all over the world in her field, including Hong Kong, England and many Australian hospitals.

The ‘April Falls Day’ program encourages people to watch for the signs of frailty and to eat well and keep active. Joanne encouraged us to look at the Health and Lifestyle checklist and keep up to date with eye and feet checks, have medications reviewed regularly, drink 4-6 glasses of water per day and wear supportive footwear.


Thank you Gayle  

Our President, Monica presented Gayle Dunn with a certificate of appreciation for the wonderful service and meals she and the team at the Dunn & Lewis centre provide us each month. Gayle and her team go out of their way to make our evenings special. One of the delights we enjoyed at the April meeting, hand-made by Carly, was a delicious dessert of filled chocolate eggs surrounded by a selection of berries, beautifully displayed.  


Scrumptious Dessert    

April Meet & Greet

What a great roll-up we had at our April Meet & Greet morning. 16 members and friends caught up at the re-vamped Ocean Grind overlooking the harbour on a fabulous sunny autumn day. Along with some late breakfasts and pancakes with extra strawberries, many of us found the delicious Friends and cream to be a favourite. Fortunately, the parking was some distance away, so we could walk that off on our way back to our cars! It was a fun catch up for members and friends and nice to see visitors, Bonita, Jocelyn and Barbara joining us.



March Fun  

Our past Zone Councillor, Enid presided over our March meeting in our President, Monica’s absence. The garden club members were in their element when the Jumbled Flowers list came out and we had to get our ‘grey cells’ working to unscramble the answers. It was a bit of fun and winners and members were treated to ‘low calorie’ (or not) chocolate treats as our reward.

One of our newest members, Hilda gave us a very interesting insight into her past life. Originally from England, Hilda and her husband moved to Australia in 1963. She was trained as a pharmacist and juggled work while raising three children. Hilda has always been community minded and is happy to contribute to our VIEW club and we are happy to have her as one of our members.


March Meet & Greet

The March morning tea was a great success with 11 members and friends attending Leonie’s Little Tree Café and nursery at Yatte Yattah, which was an excellent venue. 

The ladies enjoyed a decadent chocolate mud cake with Eleanor for her birthday. Some braved the light rain to wander the nursery afterwards, having a lovely morning together.





February Meet and Greet in Milton

A wonderful morning was had by all at our February Meet and Greet morning tea at Peach Café in Milton. The staff were very accommodating setting up for the ten of us and offered alternative foods for our ladies from an interesting menu.

The Peach Coconut Waffles with coconut sorbet seemed to be a big hit. The casual atmosphere of our Meet & Greet meetings has been a huge success among members and friends.  



New Members for New Year

Our club was thrilled to have four new members at our first few meetings of 2019. Mother and daughter team, Hilda and Joanne were very welcome new members at our first meeting of 2019. Along with the conversation and friendship, they enjoyed the special three course meal Gayle and her team provided for our first meeting.


Then at the March meeting, new member Kath was welcomed with open arms. Kath is a long-time supporter of VIEW clubs in general and is pictured with long-term member Sue. Elsie came along to the March meeting and joined that evening. We are very pleased to welcome Elsie and all our new members.



National and Regional News

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Ulladulla Evening VIEW Club

NB02 Blue Illusion National Shopping and Styling Day

Past National President, Gwen Wilton, and NB02 National Councillor, Jo Gray, had a wonderful day attending the Blue Illusion National Shopping and Styling day in Bowral to support The Smith Family. NB02 Clubs Kangaroo Valley, Wollondilly, Picton, Southern Highlands, Camden, Macarthur, Campbelltown and Ingleburn.

Ulladulla Evening VIEW Club

Area NB Walk with VIEW

Area NB held a Walk with VIEW on Monday 19 August at Picton Botanic Gardens where head gardener, Craig of Wollondilly Council, spoke on how to get the best out of our roses. Clubs are from NB01: Albion Park, Dapto, Fairy Meadow, Figtree, Helensburgh, Illawarra, Kiama, Shellharbour and NB02: Camden, Campbelltown, Ingleburn, Macarthur, Picton, Southern Highlands, Wollondilly.

Ulladulla Evening VIEW Club

NH01 Walk with VIEW

NH01 Zone Conference held on 28th October 2018 at Eat Your Greens Function Centre Eugowra was attended by 45 members from all clubs across the zone. The balloons in the photo represent the 22 Learning for Life students sponsored across the clubs in the zone.


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