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28 August 2016



National Vice President Toni Thomas and PNVP Lyn Gerstenberg


28 August 2016

Officials Present:
NVP Toni Thomas; NC AA Jan Roberts; NCNG Pat McRae; ZC NG02 Fay Kastelein; ZC NG03 Susan Stephenson;  PNVP Carleen Maley; PNVP Lyn Gerstenberg; PNVP Sue Field; LfL Team Leader Suanne Sneddon; Keynote Speaker Gayle Dunn; Classical Vocalist Sarah Prestwidge; Kerrie O’Connor – Editor Fairfax Coastal Newspapers.

National Vice President

NVP Toni Thomas spoke on her life history in VIEW. She spoke with great humour of funny incidents along the way and very much so of all that VIEW has given her from the support and friendship always given a member, through her more involved experiences and commitment as both a ZC and NC and now, the wonderful joy and fulfilment she is experiencing as NVP.  In her NVP role she is seeing the generosity of VIEW women across Australia in their commitment to TSF and LfL sponsorships; their increasing involvement in the name of VIEW within community and the importance they place on the friendship and fun aspect of VIEW.

Zone Councillor NG03 Susan presented flowers to keynote speaker, Gayle Dunn.



Keynote Speaker

Gayle Dunn, gave an outstanding presentation which involved a ‘video’, PP photographs and a very heartfelt account of all that happened from her son’s and his mate’s deaths in the ‘Bali Bombing’ until the present day and the fulfilment of much of a dream – an enormous project for the youth of her area.  The Dunn Lewis Centre is a memorial for the two boys and caters for so many needs of young people.  Already there is a bowling alley and a gymnasium.  The youth have been employed from the beginning, many as labourers and many who have since undertaken apprenticeships, successfully, in various fields.  Unemployed youth have developed the gardens, worked on the landscaping alongside others who have worked with chefs, served meals, attended to office work.  The Dunn Lewis Centre is not for profit-making but rather as a foundation for youth.  Gayle has worked tirelessly since her son’s mates gave her money from a fund-raiser ‘for a memorial but not a rock’.  She is a woman of industry with incredible courage, enormous determination and unlimited compassion  -  she is an absolutely amazing woman with an amazing story. 



National Councillor Pat McRae, Sarah Prestwidge and Zone Councillor Fay Kastelein 


LfL Team Leader Suanne Sneddon being thanked by Carole Cassidy from NG01


Zone Councillors Susan NG03, Fay NG02 and Carole NG01




Sarah Prestwidge is a young up-and-coming Australian soprano.  She is a scholarship recipient training at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and already has had vast experience working with well-known musicians, singers and performers both nationally and internationally.   She has worked with the original cast of Phantom of the Opera; has performed in the Anna Dudas Concert, Carols at the Cube, as a cast member in La Traviata with Opera New England and is currently preparing for the role of Lady Ella in Patience.  She has an enormous passion for classical music and ambitions of joining the world of opera.  Her performance for the ladies at Gala was outstanding.  She won everyone’s hearts with both her beautiful voice and her beautiful personality.




Learning for Life Team Leader

Suanne Sneddon, LfL Team Leader outlined the work of the LfL team generally and more specifically in Area NG.  She explained the programs made available to LfL students and told encouraging stories of families involved.  Suanne, with the help of her team is keen to do as much as possible in better informing VIEW members in Area NG of the ongoing work with students and their families.







Zone Councillors

Carole Cassidy representing NG01, Fay Kastelein ZC NG02 and Susan Stephenson NG03 reported on happenings in VIEW clubs in their zones.  Fay spoke of the desire by NG02 VIEW ladies to do something for community.  Now more and more ladies are knitting beanies, gloves, rugs; making sanitary packs and toiletry bags for women in refuge centres; supplying rugs for children as they wait in police stations because of domestic violence; making library bags for school children; helping in community care centres and volunteering in their local schools.