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Hervey Bay VIEW Club


The Hervey Bay View Club was formed in 1995.

Our club might consist of mature ladies but age is no barrier to having fun, making new friends and sharing life stories and experiences.

Meeting days are on the second Monday each month at the Club House and usually include an interesting speaker.  Our monthly meeting trading table is always popular as well as raising funds for The Smith Family and our Smith Family Learning for Life student.

Socials are held on the fourth Monday and the outing and venue vary monthly.

New members are always welcome.


  • Meeting Day on 2nd Monday each month
  • at The Clubhouse


Mary 07 4128 3908


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Old Maryborough Road & Tooth Street, PIALBA, QLD 4655

Club News

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2019 Committee

Cecilia Peach, Heather Ramm (President), Lyn Smith, Mary Pape, Edna Down, Glenda Reinke, Jean Jennings (Zone Councillor), Robyn Busk and Bev Cornwell in front with the banner.

The elected committee for the 2019 year is again filled with interesting, talented ladies who complainant each other with what they have to give and enrich our club with ideas and suggestions thus making our meetings and socials something for our members to look forward to with excited anticipation each month.

2019 April - Talking Pearls

The Hervey Bay VIEW Club’s guest speaker for April was Debbie Haigh who spoke about pearls and the oyster/pearl farm that once existed here in Hervey Bay until vandalism put a stop to that endeavour. 

Hervey Bay View Club President Heather Ramm and guest speaker Debbie Haigh from Haigh’s Jewellers who spoke on oysters and pearls.

Sampling the Bubbly after Hoy

The Hervey Bay VIEW Club’s April social was a chicken and bubbly lunch after many fun games of Hoy causing giggles and competition among our members but increased their appetite for a tasty lunch. 

Celie Peach, Esme Fay and Robyn Busk sampling the bubbly at the Hervey Bay View Clubs April social.


2019 April

Eyes Down

Hervey Bay View Club ladies all set to play the card game Hoy.


Left to right – Joyce Riley, Peggy Hawes, Kay Williams and Robin Scott concentrating on the card game Hoy.

2019 March 

‘International Women’s Day’

The Hervey Bay View Club celebrated International Women’s Day in March with Brenda Gordon as our guest speaker who related her own personal story of a woman working with our local RSL and helping returned service men who often return home with their own demons. Help supplied by many branches of the RSL is invaluable to these troubled men and women.

Guest speaker Brenda Gordon being thanked by President Heather Ramm.


2019 April

‘The 50-year Gang’

Three of our club members received their badges totalling 50 years combined and continued membership to VIEW and that applies no matter where you first become a member be it Queensland or any other state. A wonderful effort for VIEW.

Hervey Bay VIEW members – Denise Kay (20years), Robyn Busk (10years) and Kay Williams (20years). Congratulations girls.


2019 February

‘Thanksgiving Service’

A large number of club members attended our annual Thanksgiving Service in the old church in the grounds of the Hervey Bay Historical Museum. The service included hymns, prayers, readings and remembering those who are no longer with us. The service was followed by a lovely morning tea in one of the museum sheds.

The Hervey Bay View Club members attending the Thanksgiving Service in the beautiful old church in the Historical Museum grounds.


2019 February 

‘Trading Table’

The Trading Table at our monthly meetings is a great fundraiser for the club and besides plants includes a variety of items, cooking and books etc. brought in by members to raise money for the Smith Family, helping disadvantaged children with their education.

Program Officer and green thumb Robyn Busk with a display of plants on the Trading Table.


2018 December

‘Christmas Cheer’

Hervey Bay VIEW Club members enjoying the mateship that our healthy, fun filled club provides. This companionship encourages welcome friendship to an otherwise lonely daily routine for many who look forward to our monthly meetings and socials and often long-term bonds are formed.


President Heather Ramm, Ann Edwards, Rita Sengstock, Fay Harrison, Pam Dougan and Jan Foxall. 

‘Crafty Fun’

Late last year we were asked by the Wide Bay Senior’s paper to come up with some ideas of how grandparents could help grandchildren occupy their holiday time with some crafty ideas. We took the simple task of making Christmas cards but that could include Birthday etc so it covered a wide range. At our monthly committee meeting we arranged a photo shot of us making cards with all hands-on deck.


Bev Cornwell, Edna Down, Heather Ramm, Lyn Smith, Glenda Reinke, Robin Busk and Mary Pape busy making Christmas cards.


2018 December

‘Goodbye Coral’ 

It was a sad moment for us all when Coral told us she was leaving, not just the Club House, but moving from Hervey Bay to Wondai. We will certainly miss her as she knew us all and with many just how we had our coffee… a real gem.

Pam Dougan, Coral Gerny and Jan Foxall at our December meeting.


‘New Members’

Four new View members, Carman, Christine, Celie and Lesley received their club badges at the November meeting as our club goes from strength to strength with people who enrich us with new personalities, ideas and life experiences.


Happy, jovial Celie Peach receiving her membership badge from President Heather Ramm.


2018 November

Talking Japanese’

Our guest speaker for November was Yolande Bromet who related her interesting story as an exchange student in Japan with a host family and how she mastered the language and taught our ladies how to count to ten with simple hand gestures.  Itchy, knee, sun, she, go, rocku, nana, hachi, que, dew.

Heather Yolande receiving her certificate from President Heather Ramm.


‘Vintage Ice Cream’

Of the many interesting exhibits at Vintners Vineyard we visited in October Esme Fay found this old Ice Cream trolley example of yesteryear interesting.


Vintners Vineyard, Esme



Heather Mittelheuser and Joyce Riley checking out the many attractions at the Vineyard.

Decisions!  Decisions!  Joyce and Heather trying to decide on a wine but it looks like Joyce is sending a signal with her thumb over her shoulder… ‘that one!’



2018 October Social

The October social for the Hervey Bay View Club was an outing to Vintners Secret Vineyard at Childers.  With a full bus and carpooling 30+  ladies enjoyed a lovely day exploring the gardens and sampling wine at this lovely setting. A tasty lunch was served and wine lovers sampled.




‘Loyal Members’

Robin Scott and Peggy Hawes are long time and loyal members of our club who go beyond their commitment with help and generosity… both greatly appreciated.


‘Special Books’

Each year our club donates books to the value $50 to a school of our choosing and for the second year the Special School was chosen and acting Principal Sarah Lester was very appreciative of the money, also some other school books we were given and a rug.  The school will buy suitable education books to the value of $50.

Hervey Bay VIEW Club Secretary Mary Pape, Sarah Lester and VIEW President Heather Ramm.


‘VIEW Clubs Australian Charter’

We display the original 1960 VIEW Charter and Constitution at our meetings and validates when our Club was first formed in May 1995.


2018 October Meeting

‘A Hot Encounter’

At our October meeting our club was thrilled to have four ‘handsome’ firemen as our guest speakers. Scott gave us a wonderful talk and presentation on simple, common sense fire safety we should all be aware of and it was very pleasing to know that they visit schools and educate the young to drop and go, go, go if ever caught in a fire and smoke situation.


Carman Lambert presenting firefighters Trevor Bevan, Tim Loague, Mark McGrath, and Station Officer Scott Castree with their certificate and Hervey Bay View Club President Heather Ramm in a fire jacket.


QB02 Zone Conference 2018

The VIEW Zone Conference QB02 with a black and white theme was held at the Maryborough Doon Villa Bowls Club with several guest speakers including Greig Bolderrow who spoke in depth on the new Maryborough War Memorial. Members from Gympie, Fraser Coast and Hervey Bay VIEW Clubs all converged at the War Memorial site and spent considerable time absorbing the displayed history of WW1.


The Hervey Bay VIEW Club with the statue of Duncan Chapman, a Maryborough man and the first man to set foot on the beach at Gallipoli.

L to R – Bev Cornwell, Robyn Busk, Heather Ramm, Lyn Smith and Rosanne Badham.

The combined View Clubs – Hervey Bay, Fraser Coast and Gympie in front on the steel columns representing the cliffs of Gallipoli.


2018 September - Hervey Bay

A Great Transformation

Our September guest speakers were Leena and Lyn from Bayside Transformations who have turned their lives around with the wonderful help and support from managers and Christian faith.

It was heart wrenching to listen to their personal journeys from family violence, alcohol and drugs abuse to the beautiful confident girls they portray today.

 Lyn and Leena receiving their certificate from member Esme Fay.


2018 August - ‘A VIEW Combo Meeting’

A very happy morning was held in August when three VIEW Clubs met for a friendly morning coffee and chat. The Gympie Club combined a day of shopping in Hervey Bay with the chance to meet members of the Hervey Bay and Fraser Coast VIEW Clubs and swap stories and generally get to know each other.

Back - Jean Jennings (FC), Jan Reedman (G).
Front – Glynis Vallmuur (G), Gillian Ryan (FC), Cecilia Peach (HB)

Thirteen VIEW ladies from three clubs enjoying their coffee and doughnuts at Hervey Bay Stockland’s shopping centre. 


2018 August - ‘Island Clean-up’

The Hervey Bay VIEW Club’s August guest speakers were from the Fraser Coast 4WD Club, Mark and Karlie spoke of the May clean-up on Fraser Island.

In its 18th year 21 4WD clubs from across Queensland participated in clearing the island of almost 6 tonnes of rubbish which consisted mostly of plastic left on the island and from the ocean.


Mark and Karlie Holloway receiving their certificate from long time VIEW member Robyn Scott.


2018 July - ‘A Very Special Birthday’

During July our foundation member Nina Wilson celebrated her 97th Birthday at beautiful Ozcare where she is now a resident.  Our club bought several floral arrangements for Nina.


Nina Wilson receiving her 97th Birthday flowers from Bev Cornwell at Ozcare.

2018 June

‘The Bird Men’

Our guest speakers for June were from the Fraser Coast Bird Club with Paul and Peter who spoke widely on their club and the many birds they keep.  Bird sizes range from tiny Finches to the large Macaw and they invite members of the public to join their club.

Peter Bugge and Paul Martin receiving their certificate from Jen Windebank.  Our Secretary Mary was unwell on the day or we could have had Peter, Paul and Mary.



2018 July - ‘Soup Day’

Our July social was our annual ‘soup and crusty bread’ day with a variety of tasty soups made by our members. Before the soup games of the card game Hoy were played with lots of concentration and winning laughs.


 Ladies waiting to tuck into their soup at Esme and Vic’s lovely home on the lake. L to R – Robyn Scott, Joyce Riley, Peggy Hawes and Rita Sengstock.


Fay Harrison, Joyce Riley, Kay Williams.

Ann Edwards, Cecelia Peach, Jackie Hens.


2018 June ‘Morning Melodies’

Our club's June social was a trip to the Brolga Theatre in Maryborough to see and enjoy Rachel Beck with her “Intimate Journey of Song, Story and Laughs”. Those who attended thoroughly enjoyed what they saw and heard and as they say ‘Laughter is the best medicine’ so all received their fair dose of medicine.

All enjoyed the Morning Melodies show with Rachel Beck.

'Foundation Member’

This lady, Nina Wilson, is one of only two remaining foundation members from May 1995 and will celebrate her 97th birthday this month but due to her age and health is happy to be in care at the new and beautiful ‘5 star’ Ozcare facility overlooking Hervey Bay.

Nina has been a staunch supporter of our club for 23 years. Photo shows Nina Wilson cutting her 90th birthday cake back in July 2012 and the next photo of Nina will be celebrating her 97th birthday.


June 2018 Luncheon

VIEW bringing good friends together: The Money Girls— Above are Treasurer Edna Down and her assistant Glenda Reinke.  We could not survive as a club without our component position holders.

Below is Glenda with the beautiful 'Tree of Life' cushion (made by Zone Councillor Jean Jennings) which she won in our raffle.



At 84, age has not stopped Dawn Reed from completing her bucket list and travelling the globe. Working as a nurse in the Northern Territory, she delivered hundreds of babies, several of those being in a plane as a flight nurse. She also has many fond memories of her indigenous patients.

2018 May -  Happy 23rd Birthday

Birthday celebrations were the main focus of our May meeting as we celebrated 23 years and also the pink and white theme of the day was to remember Mother’s Day.  Fred Troughton provided wonderful old time favourites of songs and music.

President Heather Ramm and Zone Councillor Jean Jennings cutting the 23rd birthday cake.

Twenty Years

Long-time View member Hazel Morrow receives her 20 year badge from Zone Councillor Jean Jennings at the May meeting




Green thumbs duo Robyn and Geoff at our monthly trading table preparing the plants ready for sale raising money to go to our Smith Family Learning for Life student Cohen.



2018 May - ‘A JUNGLE OUTING’

Our club recently had a social outing to Bamboo Land and Nursery and the beautiful relaxed and interesting surroundings were enjoyed by all.  Huge stands of bamboo reaching for the sky together with jungle animal replicas periodically placed amongst the greenery added to the peaceful atmosphere of this magical place.


Esme Fay, Val Scott and Mary Crickmore with one of the friendly jungle animals amongst the bamboo.


Husbands and partners are always welcome and often attend our monthly socials as several did the day we went to Bamboo Land.

David Walpole, David Crickmore and Vic Fay relaxing at Bamboo Land.



2018 - ‘KING KONG’ 

He wasn’t as scary as he looked and embraced the ladies with his huge arms as they posed in front of him at Bamboo Land.

Fay Harrison, Jan Foxall, Betty Rynne, Glenda Reinke, Robin Scott, Roseanne Badham and Val Scott.


National and Regional News


Hervey Bay VIEW Club


QB02 Zone Conference was held at Lennox Street Bowling Club, Maryborough on13th September 2018 Fiftyseven members and guests from Gympie, Hervey Bay and Fraser Coast VIEW Clubs with guests from Maryborough gathered together for a very informative and entertaining day.

Hervey Bay VIEW Club

Blue Illusion Shopping Day

Blue Illusion National Shopping Day and Styling Workshop in support of The Smith Family and VIEW Clubs.

Hervey Bay VIEW Club

QC01 Zone Conference Raffle Winners Parliament House

The prize was a dinner for 4 people at the Strangers Dining Room followed by a guided tour of Parliament House with Robert Molhoek MP member for Southport. Robert kindly donated this prize to our Zone Conference.


Events Calendar

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Sep 13

VIEW National Convention 2019

National Convention 2019 - bookings have opened