A valued part of The Smith Family

Maryborough View Club


Maryborough VIEW Club held its inaugural meeting in November 2020 and already has 50 members.

Club members are actively involved in fundraising activities to raise donations for The Smith Family programs.

 We are always open to new members, so please get in touch today and come and see what it's all about.


  • Meeting Day on 2nd Friday of the month at 10.30 am for 11 am
  • Maryborough RSL Club


Visitors are most welcome. Please contact Gale as above by 10 am on the Wednesday prior to the lunch meeting.

Members are on the permanent lunch list. If you are unable to attend OR are bringing a guest, Gale needs to be notified by 10.00am on the Wednesday prior to the monthly lunch meeting so we can give the correct numbers to the RSL staff for catering and table set up purposes. 


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163-175 Lennox Street, MARYBOROUGH, QLD 4650

Club News

Meet Our Inaugural 2021 Committee

L-R: Jill, Assistant Secretary; Jacky, Assistant Treasurer; Lorraine, Program Officer; Ann, Publicity Officer; Janet, Program Officer; Josie, Delegate; Gale, Secretary; Eris, Vice President; and Dawn, President.  Louise, Treasurer, was absent.


Upcoming Lunches

Friday 21st May: High Tea—Theme is 'Bring Your China Cup' and Saucer (optional). Please note the change in date for this meeting as the RSL is not available for our normal monthly booking.


Upcoming Outings

Friday 23rd April: ANZAC Memorial Walk/Informative Talk/Morning Tea. (Members, see your newsletter for more information.)



What we've been doing

March 2021 Meeting

Maryborough VIEW Club, having ‘hatched’ into a fully inaugurated club late last year, celebrated their hatching with the Chicken Dance— beloved by all who have memories of Expo 88. This piece of nonsense was overtaken by the purpose of our club at our March meeting, which is to raise funds for The Smith Family Learning for Life program.

An exciting piece of information was delivered when we had the pleasure of having Anthony Pfingst, a worker for The Smith Family, address the March meeting.

Members had been asked to have questions ready for him and he was ready with answers. Because many of us we have become a bit wary of donating to large organisations, having seen money we thought was destined to help those in need after major disasters be channelled elsewhere or sent to consolidated revenue, there were questions relating to the use of monies raised. Andrew was able to assure us that all money donated to The Smith Family stays in Australia. Here in Maryborough we have 36 students in the program and across the Fraser Coast 153 children are having their lives made better with the help given. This was very reassuring to all present.

The partnership between VIEW and the Smith Family goes back to 1960 and members were amazed to hear the number of students sponsored across the country has grown from 34,000 four years ago to 56,401 currently.  This equates to $18,000,000 worth of sponsorship from corporates and private individuals. Last year VIEW donated $1.4 million to assist those students in need.

There are checks and balances in place to ensure the money goes into the right places, as each sponsored child must have a good attendance record at school, be committed to doing as well as possible and the family must produce receipts to show they are using the financial support as designated.

The Maryborough VIEW Club would like to set up a Learning Hub in town as that would provide ongoing academic and family support with after-school help centres and mentors to assist those students struggling.  This hub costs $250,000 annually to maintain, so is way out of our reach at present, but we dream on and plan. The hub employs a program officer and a family partnership worker which are the major cost, other than the actual sponsorship amounts. These two people then oversee and support of all the families and children in the area.

We heard amazing stories of the things that Smith Family children have gone on to do and how many of them, once successfully established in life, become great supporters in their own right, paying forward the gift given to them.

If you would like to join VIEW and help continue this valuable work,please contact Dawn Potter on 0409 751 223 or Ann Morris on 0412 490131


Below: Dawn Potter presents Anthony Pfingst with a certificate of appreciation