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International Women's Day

Learning For Life Student ("LFL") -  Shukri Abdullahi

Aspley VIEW Club's LFL student Shukri was born in Ethiopia. Her family had to flee Ethiopia in 2005 to escape the violence and upheaval that was happening there.  Her family fled to Dadaab refugee camps and they lived there for about 8 years. In 2012 there was an assassination attempt on her father’s life which led to the Kenyan government seeking a settlement in a western country. They were “Lucky enough” in Shukri’s words to have Australia grant them permanent residency.  They moved to Australia in December 2012.

Shukri was joined and assisted on the podium by The Smith Family Regional Programs Manager, Ms Mandy Briese.

Aspley VIEW Club are immensely proud of Shukri's achievements in what we know would have been difficult and challenging circumstances not only in the Kenyan refugee camp but also in settling into her new life and environment here in Australia.

Shukri Abdullahi (LFL Student), Anika Wells (Member for Lilley), Nemo Abdullahi (Shukri's Sister)

Betty Van Heeswijck (View National Councillor), Maureen Mosely (President, Aspley VIEW Club 2020), Anika Wells (Member for Lilley), Robyn Killoran (Vice President, Aspley VIEW Club) and Mandy Breese (Regional Program Manager, The Smith Family)

Marion Connel (Aspley VIEW Club), Tracy Davis(Local Councillor), Miffy Goodall (Immediate Past President)


2020 March

"One of the most important days of the year for all VIEW Clubs around Australia is IWD" (extract from the VIEW website).

Members from seven VIEW Clubs around Brisbane joined friends at Kedron Wavell Services Club where Aspley VIEW Club hosted a luncheon for International Women's Day on Friday 6 March 2020.

Robyn Killoran, Vice President of Aspley VIEW Club was the MC for the day and these are excerpts from her inspiring speech:

The 2020 International Women’s day theme is  “Each for Equal”  An equal world is an enabled world.

Thomas Jefferson said  “ There is nothing more unequal than the equal treatment on unequal people”  I am sure all of you can think of instances where this is so. Thank goodness mediocrity is no longer considered to be the norm!  The day also allows us an opportunity to individually recommit ourselves to the values and ideals of VIEW  - Voice, Interests and  Education of Women and  to the Vision statement “ Women creating and leading a more inclusive Australian society” Fun and friendship as we know is integral to our undertakings. 

Robyn introduced various speakers on the day of the luncheon and they were as follows:

National Councillor for the Brisbane region Ms Betty Van Heeswijck who delivered the International Women’s day message;

Thank you Betty for your words to strengthen our resolve and to inspire us to be aware there is still much to be done to achieve gender parity in our community, country and globally.

Survivor of the drug Thalidomide - Trish Jackson

Trish was born in Townsville in 1962 with 3 tiny fingers on each under-developed hand which are attached to her armless shoulders. She also had six holes in her heart and under developed lungs. All the birth defects were due to Thalidomide marketed around the world as the wonder drug for morning sickness.

We welcomed Trish to the podium and were amazed at her various abilities……doing most things with her feet some which included painting and drawing - she had some of her work for sale at the conclusion of the proceedings. Trish spoke candidly to all members present.

Trish Jackson (survivor of drug Thalidomide) and Trevor Jackson (Trish's husband)