A valued part of The Smith Family

Raise awareness and advocate for others

With more than 300 clubs around Australia involving some 14,000 women from all walks of life, the collective voice of VIEW is an important aspect of the organsation's work.

Through their networks in local communities, VIEW members help to spread the message about disadvantage in Australia and the importance of long-term education support in helping a child break the cycle of disadvantage.

VIEW members connect with local Members of Parliament, build relationships with local media outlets and find ways for women to have their voices heard on issues of importance for the future wellbeing of Australians, and in particular women and the community.

The extensive reach of VIEW also helps to build the profile of The Smith Family in areas where the organisation may not have a presence. This is vital in increasing support for the work of The Smith Family and helping to raise funds.

Through VIEW's unique Resolutions process, members collectively identify and articulate issues that are considered important for influencing social change in Australia. Publicity activities, including holding local information stalls and connecting with local media, provide opportunities to speak up about these issues of importance.