A valued part of The Smith Family


As a VIEW member there are many opportunities to volunteer your time and skills to directly help and support The Smith Family and disadvantaged Australian children and their families.

Volunteers are the backbone of The Smith Family. Without them, much of the work of The Smith Family would not be possible.

The Smith Family highly values the significant hours of volunteering that VIEW women contribute each year to support their learning and support programs. 

Ways to volunteer with The Smith Family:

  • Assisting in the iTrack online mentoring program
  • Tutoring in The Smith Family's after school Learning Clubs
  • Administration Support roles
  • Specialised support (using particular expertise)

For more information on ways to volunteer, visit The Smith Family's Volunteering page.

Become a volunteer and help disadvantaged Australian children get the most out of their education and create a better future for themselves.

When VIEW members volunteer with The Smith Family, they enjoy seeing the difference they can make by supporting disadvantaged students on their educational journey. Students appreciate the support given by volunteers and the skills they share, and that others care about their future.


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Volunteering opportunity for VIEW members!


Assisting to support young students in the S2S program “On Call” over a rostered weekend

  • As a child safe organisation, to promote safety to all participants in s2s TSF introduced an out of hours child protection hotline that participants could use in event of an emergency.
  • Although rarely used and the issues are generally non-critical in nature, TSF have found that this service has been valuable in providing an extra level of safety and reassurance for our school aged children and parents.
  • This service is offered during weekdays and from 10am-5pm on weekends.
  • We are seeking support from volunteers to help cover these service hours on the weekend.
  • The s2s program will be taking place between 2nd May – 28th October this year, depending on uptake we anticipate that volunteers will be rostered 1-2 weekends in total throughout the course of the program.
  • The responsibilities of a volunteer assisting with this hotline will include:
  • Obtaining relevant Working with Children clearance checks and attending relevant training
  • Utilising own mobile device and keeping it switched on over the course of the rostered weekend to answer any calls from 10am – 4pm.
  • Calling child protection authorities if a critical issue is reported to you
  • Report to the s2s Program Manager if any calls were made to the hotline on your rostered weekend.


For more information contact Paula Tinker at paula.tinker@thesmithfamily.com.au or 0481482932.





About student2student (s2s) program

A reading program that helps to improve the reading skills of younger students through peer reading.

Why? Evidence indicates that one of the best ways to support students who have reading difficulties is for support to be provided by someone that is close in age to them.

How it works? A student that is behind their reading age is paired with an older student and they read together 2-3 weeks for 18 weeks. Mentoring is provided over the phone or online, via a website called Chatty Kids