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Walk with VIEW

One of the most successful ways to raise the profile of your VIEW Club in your local area is to hold a Walk with VIEW.

This is a simple and fun activity that's easy to organise - and good for your health!

It can also be a good way to promote your club's involvement and connection to The Smith Family and support for disadvantaged students.

Walk with VIEW is a walking event along a prominent route in your local area to help raise your club's profile. You can promote your Walk with VIEW to your members and members of surrounding VIEW Clubs - as well as family, friends and the general public.  The more people you can get involved, the more attention you will attract. 

To get even more attention, you may consider wearing VIEW t-shirts or carrying branded balloons, banners and flags.

Contact VIEW National Office at view@thesmithfamily.com.au if you need merchandise or for help organising promotional material your event.

Many clubs also hold an information stand or fundraising stall at the end of the walk to help spread the message about VIEW Clubs and your work to the local community.

A Walk With VIEW event can take place anywhere and on any day that suits your members.

A special Walk with VIEW was held along the Wollongong foreshore as part of VIEW National Convention 2015.

Find a VIEW club near you and join a Walk With VIEW today!

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