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As Federal and State governments relax COVID-19 containment measures in accordance with health authority advice, VIEW clubs are able to consider and work towards resuming some VIEW meetings and activities.

Some States and Territories are beginning to relax some of the restrictions that have been in place around where we can go in public and how many people we can spend time with in our homes and other venues. Some of the businesses that have been asked to close will soon be allowed to re-open. For specific State /Territory information visit Health Direct.

However, easing restrictions doesn't mean we can all now relax and start getting back to living how we used to - we still have a long way to go.

Coronavirus is still a danger to our health, especially the health of older Australians and those who are living with health problems.

Health guidance is that we should limit the number of people we spend time with, keep a safe distance from people when we are out, practise good hygiene like sneezing and coughing into our elbows, properly washing our hands and making sure we get tested if we display any of the COVID-19 symptoms. Importantly, if we feel sick we must stay home and away from other people.  

Here is a link to the Australian Government “Covid-19 Infection Control Online Training” which you may like to complete to obtain further information.