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These forms are for Club use only.

IMPORTANT If you are interested in joining VIEW, please contact your nearest club to join. To find your nearest VIEW Club, click here.

Applications received without club information will be returned to the applying member.

If you can't find the form you need, please contact your Zone Councillor.

Club forms

Application for Membership Word / PDF
(Club use only)

Adjustments to Database Word / PDF
(Name Change, Address changes, Transfer, Second Club)

Membership Movements Word / PDF
(Resignations, Rejoining, Deceased members)

Stock Order Word / PDF
(Replacement Badges, Stationery, Merchandise)

Proxy Form Word

Membership Renewal Letter Word

Become a Sister Club - refer Club Handbook 2018-19 p34 

National President's Award Nomination 2019 Word / PDF (opens 2019)

Club Treasurer forms

Electronic Cashbook 2018 / Excel 97-2003

Petty Cash Electronic/PDF (keep for audit)

Donation Form   PDF/Excel(make all your donations)

Annual Subscription Payments Word/PDF



Committee forms

Delegates Report WordPDF

Committee Nomination Form Word/PDF

Event Insurance Form (Word / PDF)

Events in Residence - FAQ

Volunteering Form WordPDF (record your hours of volunteering)

Event Booking Sheet Word (template document to help with event planning)

Event Runsheet Template Word (template document to help with the running of an event)

Club Minutes Template (word)

Room Hire Fee Waiver (Word)

Invitation Letter - for prospective members

Zone Councillor 2020-21 Nomination Word PDF 


Media forms

Article Submission (Submissions for VIEW Matters should be sent to view@thesmithfamily.com.au)

Media Reproduction Authority (single person)

Media Reproduction Register (multiple members)

History reporting forms

Club Inaugural Word/PDF (to be completed by Development Team)

International Women's Day Word/PDF

Club Closure Word/PDF (only to be completed after discussions with Executive)

Other forms

Accident & Incident Report 

Making a Difference Award

Club Banner Request Form (Word / PDF)

VIEW embroidered items - please order from Lismore Embroidery
 (Information / Order Form Word/PDF)

2018 VIEW Toy & Book Information Pack 

Joyspreader Charity Gifts brochure

Councillor Forms

Club Committee List Word 

2018 Councillor Electronic Cashbook

Gala/Zone Conf Registration Form (Word)

Gala/Zone Conf Runsheet (Word)

Gala/Zone Conf Suggested Agenda (Word)

Room Hire Fee Waiver Template (Word)

ZC Volunteering Monthly Summary (Word)

NC Volunteering Report Form (Word)

Zone Councillor 2020-21 Nomination Word PDF 

National Councillor 2020-21 Nomination Word / PDF

George Forbes Award Nomination 2019 Word / PDF (opens 2019)

Zone Councillor 2018-19 Nomination Word / PDF 

National Councillor 2018-19 Nomination Word / PDF


Resolution Process


For more information please read The Voice of VIEW

To make your submission please complete the Voice of VIEW Form (Word/PDF)


Club Voting Paper (word/pdf)

Club Voting Tally sheet (word/pdf) (please only return this form)

Data Breach

Information Guide

Reporting Form - must be completed and emailed to view@thesmithfamily.com.au