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National President Anne-Louise O'Connor has transformed an old wheelbarrow with some potted colour!

National President Anne-Louise O'Connor has kept busy with her first attempt at Diamond Dotz (paint by numbers but with dots)

Each dot is about the size of a pin head so takes a bit of time but fun to do and very therapeutic!

Gail Dodd - Melville City VIEW Club WA

During the lock down months in WA I used the time to create a memory tin for my only grandchild, Layne. I revised family history research undertaken decades ago and wrote stories about the first of her maternal ancestors to come to Australia (one of them attached). I tried to make the stories interesting by weaving in local history and descriptions of voyages or hardships. Later, I looked through all of our photographs and slides and scanned many portraits. This led me to create a simple album through Snapfish of photographs of her grandfather, Keith's childhood years.  This delighted Keith and lifted our spirits in lock down.  

Our thoughts are with our Victorian friends as they isolate through the current emergency.

National Vice President Beryl Pike 'Social Distancing' with sisters over coffee.

Ocean Grove Evening Walking Group

Taking advantage of the wind

Submitted by Jo Gray

Noosaville Saturday Night get together - A different theme every night, the most popular was the pyjama party! (apologies for the poor quality but we do have a lot of fun and laughs


Found amongst long grass and weeds…pumpkin soup? Scones? Pasta sauce? Risotto?

Submitted by Jo Gray

Maryanne Maher National Manager VIEW

I’ve been cycling for exercise and to keep myself sane!  On the weekend I went on an inner western suburbs 40km ride which starts and finishes at Balmain.  The ride goes past Five Dock, Concord, Mortlake, Breakfast Point, Cabarita, Canada Bay and scallops the lovely bays including Quarantine Reserve in Abbotsford on the shore of Hen and Chicken Bay, Chiswick and Drummoyne.  Quarantine Reserve is a beautiful, historic park on the Parramatta River, was once home to Sydney’s animal quarantine station.

The animal quarantine stations moved here after previously being located at Bradley’s head where Taronga Zoo is now located and opened in 1916. The station was also used as a military store during the second world war during which time it was closed as a quarantine station due to restrictions on animal imports.

Over the years many residents were opposed to the station due to the smell and noise from the animals as well as the smoke from the incinerator. But it remained opened until 1980 when operations were moved west to Wallgrove.

It has now been converted to a public park called Quarantine Reserve where you can explore the old buildings.  See the old piggery and to the rear the cattle stables. There were also horse stalls, dog kennels, a cattery, various food stores and kitchens, an incinerator and a caretakers cottage. Many of which are still standing today.

Since becoming a parkland in 1980, the Reserve has undergone one hectare of native re-vegetation. With existing canopy vegetation including Eucalypts and Figs, it is now reminiscent of a Coastal Sandstone Foreshore Forest.

Family affair: The united front of women with passion for supporting kids in need

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Tai Chi - something new to try - Heather Wright Inverloch VIEW Club (also a Tai Chi instructor with the Tai Chi for Health Institute)

The founder and director, Dr Paul Lam, has released  the Tai Chi for Rehabilitation program free on-line.

Tai chi helps to calm the mind, gently exercises the body and improves all body systems, even the immune system. If you would like to make use of this program please follow the link below.


Practicing self-care to enhance your wellbeing 

Self-care is any activity that we do deliberately to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health, and most importantly is something that refuels us, rather than takes from us. When we practice good self-care it can improve our mood and our relationships and help to reduce anxiety and stress.


There is no single viewpoint on the best self-care ideas because everyone is different. What works for someone might not work for another person. Or different activities, practices or habits might work better at different times. It’s important to find what works best for you and be intentional in making the time for them to enhance your wellbeing.


For a fun way to build it into your day, why not have a game of ‘Self-Care Bingo’ using the attached bingo card. These are just some ideas…try them out for size and also feel free to make up your own self-care bingo card with activities that work for you. 


More Exercise

Barbara Maude, Lugarno Evening

VIEW Executive during Zoom meeting before Easter break

My garden has never looked better!

Chris from Adelaide City Evening VIEW has been a busy beaver spending her time in isolation making library bags for The Smith Family.

Pattern to make your own.