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Judy Lucy and Denise Scott’s Disappointments Zoom-cast

VIEW Clubs of Australia on Facebook offered 5 tickets to Judy Lucy and Denise Scott’s Zoom-cast Disappointments.  I won one of the tickets WOW!  Now I know how Charlie felt when he won a Golden Ticket. 

I logged on and saw many faces on the screen.  Not one that I knew though even though I knew at least one of the other winners.  As most of us were early we waited, with the occasional comment being added.  Then they appeared!

The show started off slowly; or was it just the topic.  Earlier in the day Victoria had been declared “A State of Disaster”.  What a disappointment!

We moved on to more of the pandemic, effects on aged care and shut downs, freaking out in isolation etc. and how sexy the politicians were (as a result of isolation); more disappointments!

We moved onto Judy’s lingerie, their bodies and exercise.  Denise told us of her wonderful exercise routine; then she discovered it was all a dream. How disappointing!

They were also disappointed that a football WAG felt she had to visit a spa as her skin was drying out and other footballers felt they had to break isolation to buy hot chips.

Judy and Denise then turned a couple of viewer’s disappointments into successes.

Viewers even filled in a survey to vote for the most disappointing element of the show.

All in all it was a very funny disappointing show.


June Weise
National Councillor, Canberra and Surrounds

What have you been watching.... Great Railway Journeys

During our isolation time, I have enjoyed watching Michael Portillos' Program of Great Railway Journeys. 

I have seen India, Canada and England all of which was terrific scenery with local history and culture.

All very interesting and informative. These series can be found on SBS on demand.

From (Carol, Bateau Bay VIEW)