A valued part of The Smith Family

About VIEW

Our vision

Women creating and leading a more inclusive society.

Our mission

As a leading voice and valued support network for women VIEW actively raises awareness of, and participates in, the work of The Smith Family.

A valued part of The Smith Family

VIEW Clubs of Australia is a leading women’s organisation and support network that empowers women to have their voices heard on issues of importance in Australian society. VIEW stands for Voice, Interests and Education of Women. Thousands of women across Australia belong to VIEW.

VIEW is the only national women's organisation solely focused on supporting and advocating for the education of young disadvantaged Australians. It is a non-religious, non-political organisation.

VIEW provides women with the opportunity to meet regularly with other women from all walks of life, establish lasting friends and help disadvantaged Australian children through supporting the work of children's charity, The Smith Family. Education and leadership opportunities are also part of the VIEW offering, in addition to the chance to be purposeful in supporting community need.

VIEW is a valued part of The Smith Family. Through social, community and fundraising activities VIEW members have supported the work of The Smith Family for 60 years.

More than 14,000 members across Australia, VIEW's reach and networks in local communities help to raise awareness and strengthen the impact of the work of The Smith Family.

VIEW is proud to be The Smith Family’s single largest community sponsor of Learning for Life Students. Nationally, VIEW members sponsor more than 1,500 disadvantaged students, enabling them to get the most from their education through assistance and support from The Smith Family's Learning for Life program.

We do this because we believe that by helping disadvantaged children succeed at school, we can have a lasting impact on their lives and potential generations to come.




Join VIEW: a national network of women supporting the work of The Smith Family through volunteering, fundraising and sponsoring disadvantaged students on the Learning for Life program. 

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