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Narooma VIEW Club


Narooma VIEW Club was formed in 1978

We are an enthusiastic and friendly group of women, who love getting together for our monthly meetings in a beautiful location overlooking the ocean.

We are proud to sponsor three Learning for Life students with the money we raise at our events to raise donations for The Smith Family programs. 

We are always open to new members, so please get in touch today and come and see what VIEW is all about.



  • Meeting Day on 4th Friday of the month
  • at 11 am for 11.30 am
  • Narooma Golf Club, Seahorse Room, 1 Ballingalla Street, NAROOMA, NSW 2546




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Narooma Golf Club, 1 Ballingalla Street, NAROOMA, NSW 2546

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 Meet Our 2023 Committee


President, Kath; Vice-President, Margaret; Treasurer, Jennifer; Secretary, Rosemary.


Accidental Artist

Photo above of Margaret, and below her trusty touring van


May 2023

Members really enjoyed the presentation by their luncheon guest Margaret Moran. A true ‘multi-talent’ Margaret, who is a musician and singer as well as an artist in pastels, oils watercolours and pen and ink, spoke of her journey as an artist.

Having given up full time work to be with her young children, Margaret decided she needed to ‘do’ something so chose tentatively to paint and exhibit. Not surprisingly (to the VIEW members who were being shown examples of her work), her initial paintings sold, and she realized that art was a path she was destined to follow.

Of course, even amazing talent needs fostering and honing, so Margaret worked to gain a degree in art which then assisted in opening a world of gallery exhibiting, new mediums, teaching and indeed sales. As well as being sought after in various galleries in NSW including Sydney, Victoria including Melbourne and ACT, Margaret entered art competitions. She confided to the VIEW members that she had had some success in this area, having been awarded nearly 200 prizes for her works.

After her children were grown, Margaret travelled extensively around Australia. She showed her audience photos of her van – adorned with amazing scenes. Margaret told us that wildlife quickly got out of the way when they sighted the wedge-tailed eagle she had painted on the front!

Her artwork from those travels, of which a few are pictured on the left and below, brought sighs of appreciation from her audience. The pen, ink and wash studies stood out. When asked how long each took, Margaret modestly said “about an hour, or two” – then the sighs turned to gasps of amazement!

It was both a pleasure and a privilege to listen to Margaret and to watch the examples of her work, especially when she demonstrated how her work evolves. For example, the many stages of a pastel piece. As you can imagine, when Margaret’s presentation finished, all the VIEW Club ladies were so appreciative of her talents and the time she had given them.

If you would like to listen to interesting and educational presenters like Margaret and have a lovely conversational lunch as well, why not join the Narooma VIEW Club? The Club meets on the 4th Friday of the month for lunch at Narooma Golf Club at 11am. Apart from having fun, you will also be assisting the Smith Family’s Learning for Life program. Please contact Rosemary on 0418619725 or Kath on 0437744567 for more details.


 2023 Virtual Train Trip Through Ecuador

The Galapagos, Ecuador and Machu Picchu – these were the places that VIEW Member, Rosemary, introduced to her fellow members at the April Lunch Meeting. 

An avid train traveller, Rosemary described her trip on the Ecuadorian luxury train, the Tren Cucero. She showed pictures of some of the animal and bird life she encountered in the Galapagos Islands and explained/described how her visit to Peru culminated in the climb to the Sun-Gate at Machu Picchu. 

The Tren Crucero is pulled by both a steam train and a diesel (for the steep bits!), travels for three days from the capital Quito (2850 metres above sea level), and then down to the gulf at Guayaquil. It is truly “an immersion in custom, cultures and traditions”. … and you don’t have to sleep on the train as historic haciendas provide wonderful alternative accommodation. Obviously, there were many highlights – meeting the people, seeing the costumes, watching the dances, visiting the markets, and eating the local foods.  

The photos of the Galapagos animal life were a treat for VIEW Members to see, especially the different ‘Boobies’ (a word which apparently caused great hilarity for her grandchildren - think blue-footed!). She recounted the tale of Lonesome George, a male Pinta Island tortoise found in 1971 who was the last his kind. Many attempts were made to try to mate him but without success. Hewas the rarest animal in the world at the time and when he died on June 24, 2012, at 8:00am, the world witnessed a documented extinction. 

After reassuring the members that she hadn’t eaten any guinea pig (a local delicacy), Rosemary finished her presentation with her visit to Machu Picchu. The first day in the city brought wheezing and gasping as she and her party acclimated to the altitude but on the second day they ascended to the Sun-Gate, the last leg of the Inca trail and famous for its view of the ancient city. A special moment indeed! 


Some emergency train repairs on the left and a market place in Ecuador on the right


 Photo on the left of a Galapagos Magnificent Frigate and on the right of a Galapagos Iguana


Carlien Donnon, Glen Pisanos (retiring Secretary and Delegate)

Rosemary Towers, Pat McRae, Jenny Elliott

Narooma VIEW Club Survives

It was a close call but after two interventions by VIEW Area Advisor, Pat McRae, Narooma VIEW Club finally has enough Committee members to allow the Club to be viable.

Narooma VIEW Club has a long and successful history. It has supported many disadvantaged children under the aegis of the Smith Family for almost 45 years (June 1978). So, of course long-term members were saddened at the thought that the club may have to close due to inability to fill the necessary positions of President, Secretary and Treasurer. Whilst not onerous, each position does require an amount of work and continuity of purpose. Naturally over the span of 45 years, many members had already taken their turns at Committee. Now it was time for someone else to ‘step-up’,

The February AGM had been grim, with no one offering to take even one of the positions. Had the Narooma VIEW Club had its day?

Happily, after significant lobbying by retiring long-serving Committee members and a personal intervention by Pat McRae, the March meeting proved to be more successful. The three major positions of President (Margaret Ryan), Secretary (Rosemary Towers), Treasurer (Jenny Elliott) and Assistant Secretary (Patricia Gray) were filled. What a relief this was for all members!

The Narooma VIEW Club members are so very grateful to the wonderful ladies who have served the Club over the years and are happy knowing that their legacy will continue.  More positively, the six students being supported at present by the Club will never need to know how close a call it was! A great result.



On 22 November Zone NG03 held their Christmas celebrations at the Heritage Centre Bega Cheese, where Santa and Mrs Santa visited the members.

Peter Ubrihien a local historian and farmer entertained the members with the history of the Bega valley.

Members represented VIEW Clubs from  Narooma, Merimbula Evening, Merimbula Day, Eden and Bega.

Anne Comery, Zone Councillor organized a number of surprises for members via Santa.  Lots of  laughter was heard.


2022 August

Narooma VIEW Club Learns about Seniors Rights

Information is so important, especially when seeking government services. That’s why those attending the Narooma VIEW Club Meeting on 25th August were so interested when listening to the address given by Rob Ingram, the South Coast Aged Care Systems Navigator for the Seniors Rights Service (www.seniorsrightsservice.org.au ). It’s a mouthful to say, but really, what Rob does is to ease the way for those needing aged care assistance.

Rob told those attending the meeting that the Service can help in three ways – legal (advice on issues and referrals); advocacy (information and support to people using, or seeking to access, in-home and residential aged care services) and information on a range of topics relating to ageing (e.g. Power of Attorney). He emphasised that seeking such advice or assistance should not be left too long, as the process may be lengthy. He also recommended those present should look at the Government’s My Aged Care portal (www.myagedcare.gov.au) and register if they feel it is appropriate.

Apparently, the Senior Rights ‘Navigator’ is part of a trial program arising from the results of the Aged Care Royal Commission but because it has been so successful, it will be an ongoing service.

Everyone at the meeting appreciated Rob’s address and went away feeling much better-informed regarding Seniors Rights (even if it did remind them about how old they are!).

Rob Ingram, the South Coast Aged Care Systems Navigator for the Seniors Rights Service



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Narooma VIEW Club

Black Pepper Scarf

Narooma VIEW Club

VIEW National Convention 2022 highlights

VIEW members from across Australia came together in Adelaide for three wonderful days of inspirational speakers, VIEW celebrations, learning, socialising and having fun!

Narooma VIEW Club

ND Gala Day 2022

A successful Gala Day was recently held at Woolooware Golf Club. There were seventy-six (76) guests representing Eleven clubs from Area ND, Area NC, Area NB and Area NE. Our guest speaker was Suanne Sneddon - Illawarra/Shoalhaven Team Leader.


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Sep 8

VIEW National Convention 2023

We are pleased to announce the 56th VIEW National Convention will be held in Hobart, TAS from 8-10 September 2023.