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Hervey Bay VIEW Club


The Hervey Bay View Club was formed in 1995. Each year we celebrate our birthday in May.

Our club might consist of mature ladies but age is no barrier to having fun, making new friends and sharing life stories and experiences.

Meeting days are on the second Monday each month at the Club House and usually include an interesting speaker.  Our monthly meeting trading table is always popular as well as raising funds for The Smith Family and our Smith Family Learning for Life student.

Socials are held on the fourth Monday and the outing and venue vary monthly.

New members are always welcome.


  • Meeting Day on 2nd Monday each month
  • at The Clubhouse


Bev 41 282 692

E-mail: hbwhalecityview@gmail.com  


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Old Maryborough Road & Tooth Street, PIALBA, QLD 4655

Club News

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2022 Hervey Bay VIEW Committee


L to R back row – Heather W, Heather M, President Lyn, Pam, Rhonda, Rosanne, 
Christine and Bev in front with our banner.


Jean Jennings, National Councillor presenting Christine, Treasurer of the Hervey Bay View Club with her Making a Difference certificate.

Jean Jennings, National Councillor presenting Esme with her 40 year badge, Lyn, Hervey BayView President and Zone Councillor Lainie.

Esme’s name tag with her 10, 20, 30, 40 years badges.



2022 May

In May the Hervey Bay VIEW Club celebrated it’s 27th Birthday with representatives from Fraser Coast, Gympie, Maryborough and Bundaberg joining us for this special occasion.

In resent years our club has increased from having around 35 members for many years to now averaging over sixty.. a very positive achievement.

The theme for our birthday meeting and luncheon was black and white with a splash of colour won by Cathy in a black dress with a lovely white lacey overlay bodice. Her splash of colour was a flower behind her ear.

Christine was presented with her ‘Making a Difference’ award after being nominated by the members of the club, well deserved recognition for all her selfless efforts she gives to our club.

Esme was presented with her 40 years in VIEW pin by National Councillor Jean, her badge now has many pins – 10, 20, 30 and 40 years plus VIEW'S 50 and 60 year celebration medallions, congratulations Esme.

We were entertained again by Tony and Vivian with the wonderful music of the 60/70’s when you could understand every word of a song that was sung. This magical music had many up singing, clapping and inspiring some to let their feet dance to the beat and rhythm of this era of music.   

Our club has never been better with new members, an excellent financial position and friendship abounds amongst our ladies. Positive and happy days ahead.

Cathy who won the best dressed in her lovely ‘Black and White’ outfit.



The adventurous ladies who donned their Easter hats for a colourful display.

Inspirational Violet being presented with her certificate of appreciation by President Lyn.


2022 April

The Easter month is upon us and our April meeting incorporated appropriately decorated hats and chocolate eggs. Guest speaker for the day was inspirational Violet who at the age of 29 suffered a severe motorbike accident as the pillion passenger and lost her mobility and now relies wholly on a wheelchair… no motorized scooter for Violet, her arms are her wheels as she can maneuver herself very quickly and accurately around. Such willpower has to be immenisely admired, good on you Violet.

Our committee for 2022 is now complete as we contemplate another successful year and supporting our five ‘Learning for Life’ students which includes one Secondary student. We are extremely proud of this achievement having gone from just two to five in a short period of time due to our generous and hard-working members.

One phrase I will always remember when Covid put us into recession for a period of time was “What about the children” from one of our loyal members.

Our club celebrates its 27th birthday on 9th May with ‘black and white with a splash of colour’ as the theme. Our club continues to grow in numbers as more join and several just come along to check us out.

Sadly we lost Mary, our Secretary early February and Past President Esme’s husband Vic died suddenly late last month, I certainly hope that is the last of the bad news.   



Our Zone Councillor Elaine presenting guest speaker Nancy with her Certificate of Appreciation at our March meeting.

Our Treasurer Christine, a valuable member of our committee.



2022 March

We had a slow start to 2022 having cancelled February’s meeting and ‘Thanksgiving Service’ because of Covid restrictions.

We were underway again in March with our committee and normal monthly meeting/luncheon and because International Women’s Day fell in March our guest speaker spoke on her own experiences and goals that women can achieve today.

Because of the uncertainty of daily weather conditions we decided to reschedule the Thanksgiving Service from the Chapel at the Botanic Gardens to the Club House and we thank the ladies who led the hymn singing.

Our 2022 committee is almost complete with a couple of undecided positions still to be filled but we look forward with positivity and enthusiasm to another successful year with new members joining on a regular basis.

We thank our Treasurer, Christine for her attention to detail in many aspects of our club, she keeps us up to date with all happenings and she has a very caring nature, a true VIEW member, we thank and appreciate your efforts Christine.


Mary and Brenda with our white Christmas tree at our last meeting for 2021.

Lovely young Mia and her beautiful voice entertaining us with Christmas songs.

Rosanne and Rhonda sorting ‘Joyspreader’ books etc. to send to The Smith Family.


2021 December Christmas

We bid farewell to 2021 with mixed feelings of sadness within our club, Covid19 and all its ramifications but also immense pride of what a small group of dedicated members can accomplish and our club continues to grow in numbers.

Several members have not had a good year health wise but love, comradeship and compassion have seen them end the year with a positive outlook for 2022.

We have ended the year in a very healthy financial position due to the hard work of a forward thinking committee and generous committed members who work tirelessly to continue our support of The Smith Family and our five ‘Learning for Life’ students.

Covid19 has not interrupted our year and we have enjoyed many social days here in Hervey Bay and several trips away which adds to the anticipation each month.

Our final meeting for the year was a fun day with a traditional Christmas tree and a lovely young girl Mia, who entertained us with her beautiful voice to an assortment of popular Christmas songs.

We will meet again in February but a January social outing has been organised as many members miss the social interaction and friendship having to wait two months.


Photo below
Rhonda presenting educational books to the Pialba State School on behalf of the Hervey Bay View Club earlier in the year.



Heather with the Cooloola Berries sign and another Heather and Robyn with their heads through the berries.


A group photo of VIEW Club members who attended the Cooloola Berries Farm.

Lyn and Celie at Cooloola Berries family farm.


2021 October and

The saying that time and tide wait for no person is certainly true… one minute you suddenly realise that two months have passed in the blink of an eye.

This will be an October/November update of our website.

Our popular Social for October was a trip to Cooloola Berries at Volvi for over twenty of our members for a lovely outing by bus and car pooling. These days are really enjoyed by our ladies as they see more and experience new attractions all within a few hours from Hervey Bay.

Guest speaker for October was Ken, District Commissioner for Sea Scouts who informed us of the role they play in the early years of boys to inspire them to attain their dreams.

Guest speaker for November was Jane and her informative information re the importance of vaccinations and hand hygiene in the era we live in today.

Our November Social was a Pizza Day at a Esplanade Park at Urangan. Despite rain threating and periods of wind it was an enjoyable morning with some ladies participating in a game of quoits.    


Hervey Bay VIEW Club treasures Robin and Peggy at Bamboo Land in September.

  Gwen and Celie dressed brightly in their spring attire.

Shelly, Heather E and Heather W checked out King Kong at Bamboo land.


2021 September

In September the social was a trip to Bamboo Land at Torbanlea with it’s series of well-maintained gardens and boardwalks overlooking the Burrum River. First purchased by Klas Nilsson in 1987 as a citrus orchard but Klas had plans for a well established bamboo, ginger and heliconia nursery featuring the world finest non-invasive bamboos. Today the pathways are enhanced with jungle statues which just ad to the appeal of this tropical paradise for visitors to browse and enjoy.

Our members were asked to get into the ‘spring theme’ and wear colourful outfits for our spring meeting and several did make the effort. Bev Jackson had a wonderful display of ‘Fifth Avenue’ jewellery at our September meeting and generously gave us a percentage of her takings and a lovely prize to raffle at Christmas time.

A hearty congratulations to Esma who celebrated her 90th in September.

The five students our club now sponsors are never far from our minds as we meet, have fun and form lovely friendships.

Bev with her lovely ‘Fifth Avenue’ jewellery display.



2021 August Social

The August social was an enjoyable sausage sizzle at Dayman Park at Urangan with many cooks and helpers manning the two BBQ’s when it came to lunch time.

I’m sure no one went home hungry. Our friendly, happy club continues to grow and prosper as we support VIEW and The Smith Family.


In Lyn’s case the onion goes on top of the sausage thank you Ian.

 Robyn and Rhonda on food/clean up duties at our sausage sizzle.


2021 August Meeting

Our guest speaker for August was Councillor David Lee who told us how enough polystyrene packaging to fill an Olympic  swimming pool had been diverted from landfill on the Fraser Coast in the past year.

Rather than being buried as landfill this new machine melted Expanded Polystyrene and turned it into a heavy sausage like substance that be recycled and reused thus helping our environment.

This good conscience man even followed up and emailed answers to several questions our ladies asked that he could not answer. All our members thoroughly enjoyed his talk and follow up… interesting guest speakers just add that little extra to our meetings.



Lieza presenting Councillor David Lee with his Certificate of Appreciation.


2021 July

As the last days of winter are upon us we look back at our July social of Soup and Crusty Bread when warm soup was so inviting. The good cooks amongst our members supplied five different options so there was no excuse to go hungry.

Our well attended meetings and socials keep us in an excellent financial position thanks to our wonderful and generous members. Also, this is the reason why we are able to support the Smith Family with our five “Learning for Life’ students and the first time one is a Secondary student, $500 to the Smith Family Winter Appeal and our ‘Joyspreaders’ and it makes us feel proud plus the wonderful friendships we share with our VIEW family, we are a happy club.

Cathy and Rhonda enjoying some pumpkin soup at our July social.



2021 July

July was a special month for us as one of our two foundation members Nina celebrated her 100th birthday. This is the first time we have had a member attain this milestone and although Nina no longer attends our meetings because she is now in care she receives our newsletters and keeps her in touch with the club and her many friends. Our clever ‘crafty’ Robyn made a lovely 100th birthday card which was signed by all our members and delivered to Nina by Bev and Geoff.

 Nina holding her card from the Queen and Bev with the Hervey Bay View Club special birthday card.

Nina’s Birthday Card from the Queen.


Rita and Edna enjoying a glass of bubbles at our Chicken and Bubbles social.

 Heather receiving her Making a Difference award from President Lyn.


2021 June

It is great that we are now back into our normal routine after the disruptions of last year. We continue to grow as more ladies join our View family to enjoy our monthly meetings and interesting and varied guest speakers. Program Officer Robyn ensures our socials are fun times for all who attend and join in whatever activity is planned for that day.

Recently we have participated in the ‘Chicken and Bubbles’ social followed by jovial games of Hoy, Picnic in the Park in Maryborough and a fish and chips morning at ESA park Point Vernon.

Heather received her very well deserved ‘Making a Difference’ award and her photo is up on the Honour Roll site.

We are extremely proud of the fact that we now have five ‘Learning for Life’ students which certainly makes all our efforts worthwhile.

All purple for the Picnic in the Park get together involving all four View Clubs – Gympie, Hervey Bay, Fraser Coast and Maryborough.



L to R; Presentation of pins – Fay (20 year), Pam (10 year), Zone Councillor Jean, President Lyn, Joyce (20 year), Mary (10 year), Alison (10 year) was absent.

2021 May  

At our May meeting we were finally able to celebrate our belated 25th Silver Anniversary which had to be put on hold because of COVID.

The theme for the day was silver with table decorations and many members also dressing in silver fashions and accessories. Five of our members were recognized and presented with their 10 and 20 year pins.

Entertainer Tony Purdy kept us reminiscing to his wonderful music of the 60’s and 70’s with many singing along to his popular choice of old favourites.

Entertainer Tony Purdy who sang some wonderful favourites of the 60’s & 70’s.




Guest speaker - Eris and Rhonda presenting certificate.

2021 April

April and we finally filled all committee positions with new ladies who will bring with them their own ideas and talents to stimulate our already clever group full of numerous and abundant experiences. Without realising it we all contribute simply through being ourselves, a friend and someone to talk and listen too.

Eris was our April guest speaker who spoke of her travels to Mongolia, the people and children she has helped, she is a true champion.

Four ladies donned hats for our Easter Hat Parade which was won by Heather M for ‘Best Hat’ and Heather E for ‘Most Creative’.

It is just so wonderful to have our Edna back with us again after her terrible shower fall last November, love you Edna.

 Easter Hat Parade – Heather M, Heather E, Mary and Brenda.




Ann Morris and Cathy Hall on International Women’s Day.


Four View ladies delivering a lovely musical medley.


2021 March

During March we celebrated International Women’s Day which actually coincided with our meeting day. Ann Morris delivered a very informative address covering many aspects of this important event on our calendar.

Our March social was a lovely day at ‘B Creative with T’ with entertainment by four of our clever ladies who performed a musical medley of old favourites. The segment with the VIEW purple ponchos and umbrellas was very colourful and really highlighted the VIEW theme of their performance.

The morning tea which we all thoroughly enjoyed was fit for a king and the catering staff have to be congratulated.

A wonderful morning delivered to an appreciative audience and we thank the organisers.     


The same four ladies dressed in View purple ponchos with umbrellas continue their musical medley theme.


Thanksgiving Service 

Rebecca, Jean Jennings, Val Scott and Heather Mittelheuser.

Recovering Edna with flowers from Glenda Reinke

 2021 February

Our club is off to a flying start with our first meeting for the year very well represented as our numbers continue to grow. This meeting was our AGM and it was very rewarding that most positions were filled with new members thus bringing with them new ideas and suggestions to enhance our club as we move forward.

The Smith Family is high on our agenda for the year as we continue to very successfully raise funds to help where we feel there is the most need. We are extremely fortunate to have so many members thus boosting our financial position with our monthly raffles, trading table and socials, another positive year ahead is our endeavor.

Our Thanksgiving Service at a different venue this year was enjoyed by the many who attended, a perfect setting for such a peaceful gathering.

Edna is now home after three months in hospital from her shower fall and Mary is also home again and we look forward to seeing them both soon.


Our two lovely ‘money ladies’ Glenda Reinke (Assistant Treasurer) and Edna Down (Treasurer) who keep our books in order, winding down for the Christmas break.

The Hervey Bay VIEW Club members enjoy their Christmas luncheon with Lyn Smith on the left and Lesley Plummer on the right. (Closest to camera)

2019 ending and beginning 2020

We ended 2019 with a lovely summer Christmas lunch enjoyed by the ladies as we wound down for two months until February with our AGM.

Our proudest achievement for the year was taking on a fourth Learning for Life Smith Family student.

February is also our Thanksgiving Service month as a blessing and fore runner to a successful 2020.

Hervey Bay VIEW Club ladies, Esme Fay (L) and Mary Crickmore raising a glass as they toast the end of a very successful and fun year for the club.


National and Regional News


Hervey Bay VIEW Club

QA 02 Zone Conference 2022

QA Zone Conference and celebration of The Smith Family Centenary was held on Friday 24th June at Newnham Hotel Mt Gravatt Brisbane.

Hervey Bay VIEW Club

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Message from NVP Evelyn

While I was up in Maryborough on the weekend I caught up with the members from Maryborough,


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Sep 9

VIEW National Convention 2022

We are pleased to announce the 55th VIEW National Convention will be held in Adelaide, SA from 9th to 11th September 2022.